Media Registration

All Media groups who are requesting media credentials for the following RealTimeAttack events must follow these rules and regulations before being accepted and receiving confirmation through email.



-All media must first show proof of where the photos will be displayed.

-All media must upload a banner or flyer of the event or logo with event info and display it on the site in which they are requesting media for. This must be on the site for a duration of at least one week beginning one week prior to event or events.

-All media must submit a previous article for our review of an event they have covered.

-All media content taken from our event, being pictures or video, must have the logo present. Pictures (a decent size watermark) video (at least 3 to 5 seconds in the beginning or end)

-All media must follow all safety rules and regulations during track events.

-All media must agree that any equipment damaged during a RealTimeAttack event is at your own risk. RealTimeAttack is not responsible for where you mount or place your equipment during the event.

Any questions and comments email us at