RB Performance Brakes, Real Time Attack  Contingency for 2012

1st place 20% off coupon
2nd place 15% off coupon
3rd place 10% off coupon

Eligible Classes
All Real Time Attack Classes

Vehicle must have 2 Decals(one on each side of the car).
Decals will be provided at morning registration by RTA.
Winnings cannot be combined with any other coupon.
(one coupon = one sale)
Winnings are good for any RacingBrake product only.
All 2012 winnings expire after May 2013.

Winnings are redeemable at http://www.racingbrake.com/




Kognition Carbon Points

All participants for the Kognition Carbon Points must be RealTimeAttack Participants and register to race that day of event under RealTimeAttack. They must also have the Kognition decal provided by us on the car being raced at event to qualify for this program. 

Kognition contingency credits are awarded in $200, $100, and $75 denominations.

In which

- 1st place winner will be  awarded $200

- 2nd place winner will be  awarded $100 

- 3rd place winner will be  awarded $75.  

Credits accrued within a season (January to December), can be used towards a retail purchase directly thru Kognition only.

Credits are valid for 1 year.

Credits from the 2012 season cannot be combined with credits from the 2013 season.

To apply credits to a purchase, credits are mailed back to Kognition once a purchase is made.

Credits are not transferable, and must be used by the owner of the car, or driver.