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End of Season Sales

Posted by mark on November 21, 2012 at 3:40 PM

It's been a long season,and most of you have switched your cars back to street cars or put them away for a long winter.  But now is the time to start building for next season...


Those of you that have been on podium at all this season have Kognition Dollars just waiting to be spent.  You can add them up from the whole season and save big money!  If you got two first place trophies in any class, that would be $400 towards one of the best wings on the market!  Kognition has a list of all the winners for all season(you can keep your carbon points as souvenirs) ,but you must hurry, these will expire soon!  For those of you that didn't get a chance to make podium, Kognition is having a HUGE Black Friday Sale!!!  


Brakes are often the most overlooked part of a car.  Racers cannot afford to do that.  Racing Brake has proven themselves over and over on every race track in America, usually with their cars sitting on the podium.    Those of you that made podium this season received great discount certificates for RB products.   Those certificates are for you to keep.  RB has a list of this season's winners.  All you have to do is call and give them your name.  These savings are on top of any sales RB may have !  Those of you that didn't have a chance at podium, just mention that you race with RTA and see if you can get a little discount.

Those of you that may want that race car look, or just want something new should check out Applied Graphics for partial or whole car wraps.  Tell them RTA sent you! Happy Holidays to all from RealTimeAttack!!

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